Non denominational rituals with a Wiccan theme.

Every religion has its rituals. Be them simple or elaborate, ritual drama is one of the key elements that help define the religious experience.

Every ritual is symbolic. Symbols transcend words and actions, they speak directly to our inner self.

Religious ritual is designed to exalt one’s consciousness, to connect us with the divine, with something that is greater than ourselves. And while every religion has its own system of values, symbols and philosophy, they are all a reflection of the human experience.

Wiccan neo pagan sensibilities.

Wiccan rituals are tied to the Earth. We celebrate our place within our planet’s rhythms and cycles. By understanding ourselves we seek to understand our world. By understanding the cycles of Nature and our place in them, we seek to understand ourselves.


In Her Name

I write, in Her Name.
I invoke Her blessing,
Her divine presence.

I call unto Her wisdom,
Her insight,
Her Love.

For inspiration.
For rebirth.
For knowledge.
For wisdom.

Within me,
as without.
As above,
so below.

Night deep azure,
bright silver starlight.
In their paths lies wisdom,
an eternal dance of destinies.

In Her Name I write.
In Her Wisdom, I desire to live.
Even as my place I forget,
beneath my feet the path remains.

Anatomy of a magickal attack – Part I.

It is really seldom for Wiccan authors to write about anything even slightly connected to harmful uses of magick… except to say that those uses are unethical and fall under the retributive aspects of the so-called Law of Threefold Return, that are a violation of the Rede or some other politically correct comments.

Well, since I am not very politically correct, I will break “tradition” by describing what I have learned while fending off some pretty nasty “intrusions”.


Some thoughts on Ostara

Sabbats are moments of change… and this is a moment of change. 

I sit on the grass, on this sunny afternoon, with spring hitting in full strenght. The plum blossoms have now joined the peaches. The ivy that covers the fence that limits the garden is once again full of lush new green. Color and life have returned to the Land. The cycle is once again being born into existance. 


Between Winter and Spring

The warming Sun of mid-afternoon brightly shines over the fertile lands. New grass, of such a bright green that defies the very definition of the color mixed with the brown and ochres of dead leaves.

The oranges and lemons are ripe on their evergreen leafy homes, while the rest of the gardens are still in the long sleep, in the apparent death of Winter. There is silence… birds have still not come back.

Since my forced exile deprived me of my own little parcel of Nature, I have grown restless. Grey have been my days, cold my nights. For many weeks, clouds crowned the sky, and the Sun and Moon remained unheeded. I took refuge in my own self, the only thing remaining to me that no one can take away.


Happy Equinox, Mabon and/or Ostara for all ;)

Just a quick note of hope and good wishes for the Equinox ;)

I have not been around lately, but I will be back soon. As soon as I finish the job it’s allowing me to pay for my new computer equipment hehehe

Love and light,

Pablo, The Mage of the Many Shadows.

An Article from the Vault: “Should I have taken the Blue Pill?”

Merry Meet, my friends.

While I am kind of forced by technical reasons to take a short break in my writing, I have been digging into my “unpublished” and “partially published” articles stack.

And I found this little, but very nice, article you may like.

It touches topics such as magickal awareness, why those who take up this path are so “different”, what are the consequences of magick and how to face them…


The Way of the Stars (Issue no. 24)

Merry Meet!

I present to you  this week’s article, from my regular column at The Daily Spell. On this issue: different criteria for planetary classification. If you want to know what a “personal planet” is, this is the place to look ;-) Also, this week’s featured planet: Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Have fun!


The Way of the Stars (Issue no. 23)

Merry meet, my friends!

The first issue of The Way of the Stars of 2008 is here :)

It got published at The Daily Spell on Jan 3rd. 2008. It covers The Sun and The Moon as a duality and the featured planet of the week was Mercury.

Come and take a look ;-)


The Way of the Stars, Issue no.22

This time, right on schedule :-)

In this issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell: How to create quick-reference cards of keywords and correspondences.

Take a look ;-)


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