The Way of the Stars (Issue 3)

Merry Meet my friends! :)

I bring you here today this week’s issue of “The Way of the Stars”, my weekly column at The Daily Spell. In this issue I talk a little about the elemental correspondences and then I describe the sign of Taurus, the first Earth sign of the zodiac.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 2)

Merry Meet my friends!

This is the second issue of my weekly column on Astrology at The Daily Spell. In this issue I talk a little about the nature of the Signs,  the importance of the Sun, and I start with the first of the Signs, Aries.


On Sun signs and horoscopes

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I will address in this post a question that I am often asked, and one I often asked before I started studying astrology. Are Sun signs determinant of one’s life? How can solar horoscopes be accurate?


The Big Book of Magick

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This is a short post letting you know of my newest idea on the net ;)

You see… often, when I write, I find that I need to elaborate more on certain subjects, that often lie outside the scope of the writing in question. I have a very discursive style, nearing encyclopedic, so I find myself at odds every time I have to meet a word count criteria.

So, I decided to create some form of great reservoir of all those “loose” notes that I need to reference elsewhere, in a way that it is both useful and pleasant to read. The end result is “The Big Book of Magick“.

It’s a Mediawiki-based site, locked down so only I can update the articles (for now at least), and customized to be easily referred to. Comments are welcome, even with the scant content I uploaded so far ;)

Love and light!

The Mage of the Many Shadows

The Way of the Stars (Issue 1)

Greetings, my friends!

In this first entry, I would like to reproduce the first issue of my astrology column at The Daily Spell. In this edition, I mostly introduce the subject of astrology, and plan a little of the road ahead. This will be a weekly series.


Hello world!

Welcome, my friends near and far to this new space on the ‘net. This site is my personal way of sharing my magickal experience with you.
Small rituals, articles on astrology and tarot, reflections and whatever else I might gather will be placed here. Comments are welcome, of course.
I hope to see you all here soon!

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