The Big Book of Magick

Merry Meet!

This is a short post letting you know of my newest idea on the net ;)

You see… often, when I write, I find that I need to elaborate more on certain subjects, that often lie outside the scope of the writing in question. I have a very discursive style, nearing encyclopedic, so I find myself at odds every time I have to meet a word count criteria.

So, I decided to create some form of great reservoir of all those “loose” notes that I need to reference elsewhere, in a way that it is both useful and pleasant to read. The end result is “The Big Book of Magick“.

It’s a Mediawiki-based site, locked down so only I can update the articles (for now at least), and customized to be easily referred to. Comments are welcome, even with the scant content I uploaded so far ;)

Love and light!

The Mage of the Many Shadows

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