The Way of the Stars (Issue 7)

Merry meet my friends!

Sorry for the delay (and the downtime yersterday), it seems the Mercury retrograde has attacked my server hehehehe. I want to thank Patrick and Jeff T. from for their diligence in tracking down the problems and solving them.

Anyway, here goes my weekly column at the Daily Spell. This week I cover the sign’s planetary rulerships, and the first of the water signs, Cancer.


On the “watering down” of magickal technique

Disturbing trends.

This is a somewhat disturbing trend I have been noticing in the years I have been studying and practicing magick. Disturbing for me at least.

I certainly cannot claim a “traditional” magickal career… no learning into a secret magickal lodge or traditional coven, no personal master-apprentice thing… But I truly AM dead serious about my practice. I did my best to find the most qualified and talented teachers avaliable, I documented myself to the point of obsession and (more to the point) I practiced for countless hours. By now I have over two hundred formal rituals (counting public, closed-group and personal ones) and around fifty different “special purpose”, unique, practical magick works under my belt. I keep a detailed set of journals, and I slowly gained the trust of my fellow witches and magicians. But…


The Way of the Stars – Issue 6

Ah! Mercury, the planet of comunications and the mind is retrograde again ;)

This is a time of small mishaps, tech problems and deals gone awry… or not? why?

This issue of my Daily Spell astrology column answers exactly that :) Come and take a look…


The Way of the Stars (Issue 5)

Merry Meet my dear friends!

This is the fifth issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell. This time, I present you with a summary of the main correspondences (elements, rhythms and polarities) applicable to the signs of the zodiac. My intention is that this article may be useful in understanding the standard wording and terminology often found in astrology texts.

The Way of the Stars (Issue 4)

Merry meet my dear friends!

This is the fourth issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell. In this article, I explain the concept of modality or rythm of the signs. I hint a little of how this combines with the elemental correspondences that I explained in the previous issue.

Also, I give you a summary of the first of the Air signs of the zodiac: Gemini. Let’s take a look ;)


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