The Way of the Stars (Issue 15)

Merry meet, my friends!

This is the 15th. issue of The Way of the Stars, my weekly column at The Daily Spell.  On this one, I show you the parts that make up a basic birth chart. There is also a “nice” description of one of the most difficult signs of the zodiac…. Scorpio.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 14)

Merry Meet, my friends!

In this issue of “The Way of the Stars” I deviate a little from the astrological “core subject” of the column ;) I dedicate this issue to clearing the doubts about one of the popular email chains/urban legends on the Internet today… since it regards the planet Mars looking “as big as the Moon” this late August, I think you will all be interested. Love and light.


Words of Praise

Oh great Lady of the Azure Mantle.
Oh Lady Who Reads the Sky.
Keeper of the Sacred Globe,
and source of Inspiration.

You give Hope to hearts that seek you in the Night.
You grant Wisdom to those who in honor beseech thee.
You are one of the Nine from Helicon come.
Bliss is your Touch, enlightenment your Gift.

In perfect Love and perfect Trust I sought you,
and for your Grace thanks I give.
For you did come and granted my plea,
and so the best of me I gave.

In your Honor I set out
in this Journey through the Soul.
Every Night it is so,
and all Day through.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 13)

Merry Meet, my friends! Welcome to the 13th issue of “The Way of the Stars” on the Daily Spell. In this issue: how to create a birth chart using’s free service, and I talk a little about the first of the social signs, Libra.  Come and see ;-)


The Way of the Stars (Issue 12)

Finally, the twelfth issue is here :) As you may know by now, 12 is a special number in Astrology, and in our small journey, this issue marks the close of the cycle of our first six signs, and the preparation for next week’s first step into the social signs of the zodiac.

Also, this week I start showing you the shape and form of astrological charts. Come and take a look ;)


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