The Way of the Stars (Issue 18)

Merry Meet!

We are back on track :-) so this is this week’s issue of The Way of the Stars, my weekly column published at The Daily Spell.

The Way of the Stars

An Introduction to Astrology

By Pablo Dotro(*) – The Mage of the Many Shadows.

“In the Stars, Destiny is written,
and to Her we call upon to read it.

In your name I write these words,
my Lady Urania, in praise and love.”

Merry Meet my dear friends! It has been a while since the last issue of this column. I offer you my deepest apologies for having left you so suddenly. Personal issues in my life prevented me from keeping up with my writing. A big thank-you goes to The Daily Spell editor, Debbe Tompkins for her patience and for keeping my spot here available for me to return to it ;-)

Sun sign, ascendant and moon.

On a past issue(1) of this column I spoke about how to “spot” three important points in a birth chart, the “Sun sign”, the Ascendant and the Moon.

While each chart is unique, in the same way that every one of us is a unique person, often a good look at these three symbols are enough to get a “first glance” about someone’s chart.

The positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are representations of three fundamental aspects of our individuality. The three of them refer to the “self”, but each one does so from a different perspective. Let’s see how…

  • The Sun. The Sun is the center of the personality, it is related to the inner self, the ego and what we consider our “nature”. The importance of the Sun in modern Western astrology is what led to the exaggeration of “sun sign astrology”… but that does not make the Sun of less importance to us. In a chart, the Sun is the center of vitality from where the person draws his life energy. The active part of the self. That which is conscious.
  • The Moon. She is the unconscious counterpoint to the Sun. It is the other half of the polarity. While we can think about ourselves as the Sun, we really feel like the Moon. The Moon relates to the female inside of us, to dreams, to our needs and to our automatic or “first impulse” responses. The Moon is present whenever we do something “without thinking” about it.
  • The Ascendant. While Sun and Moon are about our nature, and can be talked about in an “abstract” way, the Ascendant is how those two halves of the self show themselves to the world. The Ascendant is like the glue that binds them and lets them express themselves. The Ascendant is, physically and astronomically, the eastern horizon… the point where the Sky and the Earth touch… the point where the archetypal nature of our inner self touches the solid reality of everyday life.

Again, a chart contains much more than these three points, but it is an interesting exercise to look up charts of people we know… and try to find out if their Sun, Moon and Ascendant “fit” with what we expect.

For now, it is enough to see, to read and to “play” with these concepts… to try them, let them flow and see how we relate to them. Later on, when I get deeper into each of the planets, the houses and the angles, we will be able to create more proper interpretations.

Today’s sign: Aquarius

If you recall my previous write ups on the signs, you will remember that up to Capricorn, I described pretty much all of our “conventional” personal and social values… and I left you a subtle clue about the signs that were “past” Capricorn… they “do not fit”.

Capricorn is a sign of limits, of responsibility, of actions designed to elevate our social standing. It is a sign of hard work and measurable, no-nonsense goals. It is the sign that drives us to excel at what we do… to “do our job” and be proud of it.

Capricorn is, in almost all ways, a representation of our Western society and its conservative goals. You see Capricorn when you have to fill a ton of forms at the bank, when you sweat out a report for your boss, when you have deadlines to meet… every time we are into “the system” we are inside a Capricorn-like structured world.

Well… Aquarius is not quite happy about it ;-) The archetype of Aquarius observes the well ordered structure that Capricorn imposed over the idealistic views of Sagittarius and says… how dull!

And so Aquarius will heighten the mind until it can no longer live into the conventions of the past. Aquarius will try to hack the system from the inside, bringing and fuelling a freethinking revolution out of the blue. It will embrace technology, in particular: communication technologies. Cell phones, the Internet, SMS networks, TV, radio… whatever allows us to communicate regardless of boundaries and social class. Aquarius yells power to the people… not as an abstract concept, but regarding the individual as the fundamental building block of a new society of peers.

This individuality/community contradiction is quite characteristic of Aquarius.

Also within this sign is a great desire to embrace change. Everything that is new is nice to Aquarius. Is it also exotic? Even better! Aquarius often seems idiosyncratic, eccentric and, if not properly harmonized, shallow in its constant fascination with new things.

Since Aquarius is an air sign, it prices a quick mind above all… so quick that to most of us it seems almost magical. Its speed of thought is lightning-fast, its pathways so unconventional that the rest of us feel unable to know how it works.

From all this we can readily see that this clearly does not fit with the “conventional” society we had constructed up to Capricorn. Aquarius is the first step into a completely different perspective. This means that people with a very strong Aquarius in their charts can often be misunderstood… they may just not fit into a “regular job and bills to pay” kind of life. They will thrive, on the other hand, in creative environments with no fixed structure and “group-like” or a horizontal hierarchy.

Things like NGOs, the Open Source software movement, “freedom of information” laws, the entire Internet, publications like Wikipedia, e-learning… or even this newsletter are clearly Aquarian in nature.

Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Saturn and Uranus. Saturn seems to relate to the more “down to Earth” parts of the sign: it breaks the system from the inside; working with what already exists to create something new. Uranus, on the other hand, gives Aquarius his quality of sudden change, its speed and unexpectedness. Aquarius is clearly the most innovative of the zodiac signs… patron of inventors, designers of new things, freethinkers and techies.

In the Natural Zodiac(2), Aquarius is opposite to Leo. The axis of Aquarius-Leo is often called “the Axis of Creativity”, with Leo bringing the spark of creation and Aquarius expanding it into world-wide proportions.

In classical astrology, Leo is related to our own children (the supreme creative act), and Aquarius to the “children of others”… or more precisely: the children of the entire community as an expression of the future.

Coming up next week:

We are finally getting to the end of the cycle of the zodiac. Next week I will delve into the sign of Pisces, often called “the mystic”. As a preparation before starting our journey through the planets, I will tell you a little more about why planets and signs are different from each other, and how and why they relate. Remember you can read this one and all past columns in my blog(3).
(1) (Originally at The Daily Spell, August 28th, 2007)



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