The Way of the Stars, Issue no.22

This time, right on schedule :-)

In this issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell: How to create quick-reference cards of keywords and correspondences.

Take a look ;-)


Issue No. 21… almost there…

Last one of my backlogged Way of the Stars issue ;-)

On this one: A discussion on the keyword system and a very specialĀ  featured planet, The Moon. I wrote this article while I was out of town in Rosario.


Late for no. 20 also…

Ooof… I kept my deadlines with The Daily Spell… but I fallen way behind here. Shame on me…

Here goes Issue no. 20 of The Way of the Stars.

On this article: General description on the planets, and the first one of them, The Sun.


Belated issue no. 19 ;-)

Well, I am late. I know.

Lots of work, unexpected trips… lots of experiences to sort trhough ;-).

But here it goes… Issue no. 19 of The Way of the Stars. On this article: Planets and signs revisited, and the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces.


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