An Article from the Vault: “Should I have taken the Blue Pill?”

Merry Meet, my friends.

While I am kind of forced by technical reasons to take a short break in my writing, I have been digging into my “unpublished” and “partially published” articles stack.

And I found this little, but very nice, article you may like.

It touches topics such as magickal awareness, why those who take up this path are so “different”, what are the consequences of magick and how to face them…


The Way of the Stars (Issue no. 24)

Merry Meet!

I present to you  this week’s article, from my regular column at The Daily Spell. On this issue: different criteria for planetary classification. If you want to know what a “personal planet” is, this is the place to look ;-) Also, this week’s featured planet: Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Have fun!


The Way of the Stars (Issue no. 23)

Merry meet, my friends!

The first issue of The Way of the Stars of 2008 is here :)

It got published at The Daily Spell on Jan 3rd. 2008. It covers The Sun and The Moon as a duality and the featured planet of the week was Mercury.

Come and take a look ;-)


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