Some thoughts on Ostara

Sabbats are moments of change… and this is a moment of change. 

I sit on the grass, on this sunny afternoon, with spring hitting in full strenght. The plum blossoms have now joined the peaches. The ivy that covers the fence that limits the garden is once again full of lush new green. Color and life have returned to the Land. The cycle is once again being born into existance. 

I can’t help but try to relate to this… I feel the Sun get warmer, I see the days starting earlier… I am a child of the Earth, and I feel in my Soul the return of new beginnings. It comes to me when I am still wounded inside, but it nevertheless fills me with new energy, with new hope. 

I still remember hope. I still remember how it was, for a little while. The memories of freedom and peace are still bright in my mind. A joyful memory that keeps the heart warm… a stark contrast with most of my days. 

And yet… this is a celebration of Life, a moment of Beginning and of Rebirth. The cold darkness of Winter has finally given up, and we move towards the joyful dance of Summer. The Empress welcomes us once more into the palace of her open fields, full of golden grains and verdant woods. 

I will embrace this Life… I will come back.

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