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Well… a little about me. My real name is Pablo Dotro, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I’m 30 years old. I work as lead technician for the Waves and Thermodynamics Lab (Physics Dept.) at UBA. I had the “luck” of being raised without any religious influence, and in time developed an everlasting love for science and knowledge. It is so that I became a tech with a chemical sciences specialty, and later a software developer. I also did a lot of teaching. I love to teach, and to write. Because I love knowledge, and truly belive that knowledge is one of the keys to freedom.

I approached “the occult” kind of from an oblique angle. A baby step at a time. But the real click came around 2000-2001, when my temporal life was in the midst of a crisis as deep as my country’s. As I was updating my web site’s link library, I found a Wiccan site… and then Witchvox, and my life changed. Since then, it has been a continuous journey toward awareness… I studied, I found people who taught me, and who later shared my path. And I practiced… practiced the old way, practiced in the new way… a lot. I became involved in ceremonial magick, in Tarot, in several online groups. And then turned back into myself in search for purpose. And after a long time, I found it.

I began formal training with the Correllian Nativist Tradition, I started leading group rituals on my own once again, I started a serious study of Astrology.

I evolved from a pure scientist with a taste for fantasy into an “odd” character. I know my science. I work with it everyday. I can design an experiment, perform statistics and data analysis, or put up a quick development run and create a software system from scratch. But I am also a magickian, a Neo Pagan, Wiccan… and a priest. My words become art, and that art becomes magick when the time is right. I feel at home understanding both the physical and invisible beauty of our Universe.

I am, thus, in an unusual position, for I can combine the methods of the modern world, with the sensibility of the old one. In a sense, a blog as this one is the result: methods from the latest technology to convey the modern incarnation of the wisdom of the past. Even the precision of the language sounds old in this age of teenage slang and fotologs ;-)

I know I fail more often than I succeed, but I also know that no failure is truly so. So I keep learning… and remembering.

Love and light,

Pablo, The Mage of the Many Shadows


  1. Comment by Swati on November 29, 2007 19:21

    Your articles in the Daily Spell are really good.
    Just wanted to write in to say that.
    Brightest Blessings always

  2. Comment by The Mage of the Many Shadows on December 16, 2007 16:22

    Thank you Swati. It’s a pleasure to meet you :)
    Love and light,


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