The Way of the Stars (Issue 14)

Merry Meet, my friends!

In this issue of “The Way of the Stars” I deviate a little from the astrological “core subject” of the column ;) I dedicate this issue to clearing the doubts about one of the popular email chains/urban legends on the Internet today… since it regards the planet Mars looking “as big as the Moon” this late August, I think you will all be interested. Love and light.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 13)

Merry Meet, my friends! Welcome to the 13th issue of “The Way of the Stars” on the Daily Spell. In this issue: how to create a birth chart using’s free service, and I talk a little about the first of the social signs, Libra.  Come and see ;-)


The Way of the Stars (Issue 12)

Finally, the twelfth issue is here :) As you may know by now, 12 is a special number in Astrology, and in our small journey, this issue marks the close of the cycle of our first six signs, and the preparation for next week’s first step into the social signs of the zodiac.

Also, this week I start showing you the shape and form of astrological charts. Come and take a look ;)


The Way of the Stars (Issue 11)

The Way of the Stars

An Introduction to Astrology

By Pablo Dotro(*) – The Mage of the Many Shadows.

“To She Who Reads the Sky, my Lady Urania, do I dedicate these words.
May by your inspiration our souls learn to dance with the stars”


The Way of the Stars (Issue 10)

Ten issues already, quite cool :)

Well, here goes my weekly column at the Daily Spell. In this issue I start a series of commentaries focused on putting what I have already written to work and “bring down to earth” the sign’s descriptions.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!


The Way of the Stars (Issue 9)

Merry Meet my friends!

The extreme cold took its toll, but here is at last this week’s issue of The Way of the Stars, my column at the Daily Spell.



The Way of the Stars (Issue 8)

Merry meet my dear friends!

As always on Tuesdays I present you the latest issue of my Astrology column at The Daily Spell. This week I talk about planetary dignities (mainly exaltation and triplicity, as rulership was covered last week), and continuing with the sequence of the signs, Leo.

Enjoy :) And, as always, feel free to write me or leave comments if you have questions.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 7)

Merry meet my friends!

Sorry for the delay (and the downtime yersterday), it seems the Mercury retrograde has attacked my server hehehehe. I want to thank Patrick and Jeff T. from for their diligence in tracking down the problems and solving them.

Anyway, here goes my weekly column at the Daily Spell. This week I cover the sign’s planetary rulerships, and the first of the water signs, Cancer.


The Way of the Stars – Issue 6

Ah! Mercury, the planet of comunications and the mind is retrograde again ;)

This is a time of small mishaps, tech problems and deals gone awry… or not? why?

This issue of my Daily Spell astrology column answers exactly that :) Come and take a look…


The Way of the Stars (Issue 5)

Merry Meet my dear friends!

This is the fifth issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell. This time, I present you with a summary of the main correspondences (elements, rhythms and polarities) applicable to the signs of the zodiac. My intention is that this article may be useful in understanding the standard wording and terminology often found in astrology texts.

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