Between Winter and Spring

The warming Sun of mid-afternoon brightly shines over the fertile lands. New grass, of such a bright green that defies the very definition of the color mixed with the brown and ochres of dead leaves.

The oranges and lemons are ripe on their evergreen leafy homes, while the rest of the gardens are still in the long sleep, in the apparent death of Winter. There is silence… birds have still not come back.

Since my forced exile deprived me of my own little parcel of Nature, I have grown restless. Grey have been my days, cold my nights. For many weeks, clouds crowned the sky, and the Sun and Moon remained unheeded. I took refuge in my own self, the only thing remaining to me that no one can take away.


The Way of the Stars, Issue no.22

This time, right on schedule :-)

In this issue of my weekly column at The Daily Spell: How to create quick-reference cards of keywords and correspondences.

Take a look ;-)


Belated news and updates…

Merry meet, my dear friends…

As some of us know, I have been swamped by a series of events that have precluded me from writing regularly or keeping my usual Internet presence up to date.

Since the theft of my notebook computer and the problems to get my desktop fit for everyday work… not to mention the non-trivial work and family issues I had to face, it has taken me longer than expected to regain my peace and continue writing.

As of today, that changes. I will be getting this site and my obligations online up to date again… so expect to hear back from me on a regular basis once more :)

I deeply apologize for having let you down like this, it will not happen again.

Love and light,

Pablo, The Mage of the Many Shadows

The Way of the Stars (Issue 7)

Merry meet my friends!

Sorry for the delay (and the downtime yersterday), it seems the Mercury retrograde has attacked my server hehehehe. I want to thank Patrick and Jeff T. from for their diligence in tracking down the problems and solving them.

Anyway, here goes my weekly column at the Daily Spell. This week I cover the sign’s planetary rulerships, and the first of the water signs, Cancer.


The Big Book of Magick

Merry Meet!

This is a short post letting you know of my newest idea on the net ;)

You see… often, when I write, I find that I need to elaborate more on certain subjects, that often lie outside the scope of the writing in question. I have a very discursive style, nearing encyclopedic, so I find myself at odds every time I have to meet a word count criteria.

So, I decided to create some form of great reservoir of all those “loose” notes that I need to reference elsewhere, in a way that it is both useful and pleasant to read. The end result is “The Big Book of Magick“.

It’s a Mediawiki-based site, locked down so only I can update the articles (for now at least), and customized to be easily referred to. Comments are welcome, even with the scant content I uploaded so far ;)

Love and light!

The Mage of the Many Shadows

Hello world!

Welcome, my friends near and far to this new space on the ‘net. This site is my personal way of sharing my magickal experience with you.
Small rituals, articles on astrology and tarot, reflections and whatever else I might gather will be placed here. Comments are welcome, of course.
I hope to see you all here soon!

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