In Her Name

I write, in Her Name.
I invoke Her blessing,
Her divine presence.

I call unto Her wisdom,
Her insight,
Her Love.

For inspiration.
For rebirth.
For knowledge.
For wisdom.

Within me,
as without.
As above,
so below.

Night deep azure,
bright silver starlight.
In their paths lies wisdom,
an eternal dance of destinies.

In Her Name I write.
In Her Wisdom, I desire to live.
Even as my place I forget,
beneath my feet the path remains.

Words of Praise

Oh great Lady of the Azure Mantle.
Oh Lady Who Reads the Sky.
Keeper of the Sacred Globe,
and source of Inspiration.

You give Hope to hearts that seek you in the Night.
You grant Wisdom to those who in honor beseech thee.
You are one of the Nine from Helicon come.
Bliss is your Touch, enlightenment your Gift.

In perfect Love and perfect Trust I sought you,
and for your Grace thanks I give.
For you did come and granted my plea,
and so the best of me I gave.

In your Honor I set out
in this Journey through the Soul.
Every Night it is so,
and all Day through.


To my Lady Urania

At the finest of the magical hours,
when the Night bids Helios farewell.

Walking in wonder,
through the endless fields She comes.

Azure is Her mantle,
as dark as Nyx’s hair.¬†

Pale Her skin,
but deep blue Her eyes.

They are like pools of Wisdom,
beholding the unborn Future,
yet forgetting not the Past.

The Orb of the Skies,
to her, secrets does hold not. 

Her Power is Understanding,
Her words speak Knowledge .

The bliss of transcendence,
Her touch does convey.

Infinite is Her Love,
countless her Blessings.

And She welcomes all of Us,
the seekers of her Wisdom,
who find her out of love for the Stars.

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