Non denominational rituals with a Wiccan theme.

Every religion has its rituals. Be them simple or elaborate, ritual drama is one of the key elements that help define the religious experience.

Every ritual is symbolic. Symbols transcend words and actions, they speak directly to our inner self.

Religious ritual is designed to exalt one’s consciousness, to connect us with the divine, with something that is greater than ourselves. And while every religion has its own system of values, symbols and philosophy, they are all a reflection of the human experience.

Wiccan neo pagan sensibilities.

Wiccan rituals are tied to the Earth. We celebrate our place within our planet’s rhythms and cycles. By understanding ourselves we seek to understand our world. By understanding the cycles of Nature and our place in them, we seek to understand ourselves.


Anatomy of a magickal attack – Part I.

It is really seldom for Wiccan authors to write about anything even slightly connected to harmful uses of magick… except to say that those uses are unethical and fall under the retributive aspects of the so-called Law of Threefold Return, that are a violation of the Rede or some other politically correct comments.

Well, since I am not very politically correct, I will break “tradition” by describing what I have learned while fending off some pretty nasty “intrusions”.


Some thoughts on Ostara

Sabbats are moments of change… and this is a moment of change. 

I sit on the grass, on this sunny afternoon, with spring hitting in full strenght. The plum blossoms have now joined the peaches. The ivy that covers the fence that limits the garden is once again full of lush new green. Color and life have returned to the Land. The cycle is once again being born into existance. 


On the “watering down” of magickal technique

Disturbing trends.

This is a somewhat disturbing trend I have been noticing in the years I have been studying and practicing magick. Disturbing for me at least.

I certainly cannot claim a “traditional” magickal career… no learning into a secret magickal lodge or traditional coven, no personal master-apprentice thing… But I truly AM dead serious about my practice. I did my best to find the most qualified and talented teachers avaliable, I documented myself to the point of obsession and (more to the point) I practiced for countless hours. By now I have over two hundred formal rituals (counting public, closed-group and personal ones) and around fifty different “special purpose”, unique, practical magick works under my belt. I keep a detailed set of journals, and I slowly gained the trust of my fellow witches and magicians. But…


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