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We unfortunately live in a very commercial world, where we must protect certain rights. However, I am a very strong believer in freedom of expression, and the freedom of information that is at the heart of the spirit of the Internet.

So, I feel I need to make explicit my copyright policy for this site.

Ownership and copyright.

All the contents of this site, unless explicitly noted, are a creation and property of Pablo M. Dotro, also known as “The Mage of the Many Shadows”. I retain full copyright.

Grant of rights.

However, I grant everyone the right to reproduce these materials, provided that:

  • The content is unaltered (i.e. no derivative works are allowed).
  • I am properly attributed.
  • A link back to this site is included.

This grant of rights applies to all the content of this site, with the exception of the parts that are clearly attributed to others (for example, the WordPress template I use, articles signed by people different than myself, etc.).

I may, on request, grant more extensive rights. If you need to use materials from this site not covered by this grant, please contact me.

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