Issue No. 21… almost there…

Last one of my backlogged Way of the Stars issue ;-)

On this one: A discussion on the keyword system and a very special  featured planet, The Moon. I wrote this article while I was out of town in Rosario.


Late for no. 20 also…

Ooof… I kept my deadlines with The Daily Spell… but I fallen way behind here. Shame on me…

Here goes Issue no. 20 of The Way of the Stars.

On this article: General description on the planets, and the first one of them, The Sun.


Belated issue no. 19 ;-)

Well, I am late. I know.

Lots of work, unexpected trips… lots of experiences to sort trhough ;-).

But here it goes… Issue no. 19 of The Way of the Stars. On this article: Planets and signs revisited, and the last of the zodiac signs, Pisces.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 18)

Merry Meet!

We are back on track :-) so this is this week’s issue of The Way of the Stars, my weekly column published at The Daily Spell.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 17)

Merry Meet, my friends…

This was my last issue on The Daily Spell before my long writing hiatus.  It was published there on September 4th, and it seems I never managed to upload it here.

Here it is… ;-)


Responsibility and action

Yet another blurb on ethics.

Much has been written in many pagan web sites and publications about “Wiccan ethics” and how do we act, or are supposed to act.

But for all the thousands of words spent analyzing different takes on the Wiccan Rede, “harm none” and such, very few has been written on the underlying principles from which our ethics should be derived. Of the huge corpus of repeated and often sweetened texts on this subject, very few speak from personal experience… and very few shed light on a very much fundamental truth: our ethical guides are not “just words”, but a consequence of how the Universe works and reacts to us. This is the main line of reflection I will pursue in this article. Would you like to read more?


Belated news and updates…

Merry meet, my dear friends…

As some of us know, I have been swamped by a series of events that have precluded me from writing regularly or keeping my usual Internet presence up to date.

Since the theft of my notebook computer and the problems to get my desktop fit for everyday work… not to mention the non-trivial work and family issues I had to face, it has taken me longer than expected to regain my peace and continue writing.

As of today, that changes. I will be getting this site and my obligations online up to date again… so expect to hear back from me on a regular basis once more :)

I deeply apologize for having let you down like this, it will not happen again.

Love and light,

Pablo, The Mage of the Many Shadows

The Way of the Stars (Issue 16)

Well… late but sure… I got swamped by chaos, but here is last tuesday’s issue of “The Way of the Stars”, my weekly column for The Daily Spell.

Enjoy ;-)


The Way of the Stars (Issue 15)

Merry meet, my friends!

This is the 15th. issue of The Way of the Stars, my weekly column at The Daily Spell.¬† On this one, I show you the parts that make up a basic birth chart. There is also a “nice” description of one of the most difficult signs of the zodiac…. Scorpio.


The Way of the Stars (Issue 14)

Merry Meet, my friends!

In this issue of “The Way of the Stars” I deviate a little from the astrological “core subject” of the column ;) I dedicate this issue to clearing the doubts about one of the popular email chains/urban legends on the Internet today… since it regards the planet Mars looking “as big as the Moon” this late August, I think you will all be interested. Love and light.


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